Luck Royale Tricks free fire: how to get Cosmetics in spin without money


In the post, we will be learn free fire luck royale tricks, analyze all its feature and all the system. And also how to get cosmetics in spin without spend money.

Because Free Fire is a free-to-play game, Garena will need to develop a unique micro transaction system focused on cosmetics to recoup their investment from users. Overall, the micro transactions in Free Fire are very benign, consisting solely of costume and aesthetic enhancements that give no benefits on the battlefield (characters and pets are another matter, of course)

What is Free Fire Luck Royale?

In Free Fire, there are primarily five sorts of luck royale, as well as event-specific ones.

Diamond Royale

Garena’s major source of income is Diamond Royale. You may use it to acquire cosmetic things like as character skins, parachute skins, and weapon skins by spinning the wheel. If you don’t win the spin, you’ll get a “participation award” like the experience/gold booster. Diamond Royale’s rewards are extremely difficult to obtain; you’d have to spend real money to purchase diamonds for spins.

Gold Royale

This is the sole “Free” spin in the Luck Royale – you may spin gold royale with both gold and diamond… and gold is very simple to get by, so you won’t have to spend a dime. It functions similarly to Diamond Royale, with each spin yielding a unique reward such as cosmetics, weapon skins, or goods. Gold Royale’s drop list, on the other hand, is far worse than Diamond Royale’s.

The nicest thing about Gold Royale is that it gives you a free spin once a day. Special coupons that can be used for drawing in this lottery are also very easy to come by – they may be obtained through daily tasks and activities.

Weapon Royale

Weapon Royale is identical to the first two stages of the Luck Royale, but it only allows you to get weapon skins. Of course, the other “loser awards,” such as experience and gold boosters, are still available. You usually would have to spend real money here – there are chances to get a free weapon royale ticket, but that’s pretty rare.


The incubator is a “guaranteed” spin that enables you to get some of the best items in the game in exchange for evolution stones and blueprints. Evolution stones are relatively easy to get – they are always included in the Elite Pass and sometimes offered for free in events. Blueprints are much harder to get – usually, you can only get them via topping up in events. If you don’t have evolution stones, just hold onto your prints, as incubators are known to come back after a while. You may even wager real money on the incubator, with the item guaranteed to drop after a certain number of spins.

Special Event Spin

Another sort of diamond royale that varies depending on the occasion – There isn’t much to observe here because the mechanics are almost identical.

Free Fire Luck Royale Trick

Don’t bother with Luck Royale if you just have a restricted amount of money to buy diamonds in Free Fire or none at all. Stick with the Elite Pass if you can; it’s usually a better value. Furthermore, the things obtained in Luck Royale are merely cosmetics that provide no actual benefit in the game.

How to get free google credit for Luck Royale?
Google Opinion Rewards

This is a Google “survey” software that pays you money when you complete several questionnaires. Simply search for the app’s name on the Google Play Store to download it. The survey would be sent out infrequently, around once a week.

Grab Points

Grab points is a popular GPT (Get Paid To) service where users do various activities in return for points, which can then be traded for Google Play gift cards.


Another GPT website that pays users to complete chores in return for money. The method of payment varies by nation, and the money earned can be used to purchase diamonds.

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