Mandy Rose made an unexpected visit to WWE NXT.


Mandy Rose surprised the WWE Universe today when she showed up at the Capital Wrestling Center to watch NXT in action.

Mandy Rose appeared on the entrance ramp during a bout between two rising stars of the black and gold brand, Sarray and Gigi Dolin, to get a look at the competition. Sarray dumped Dolin on her head with a tazplex for the win, and she stood there watching.

Rose appeared impressed, but she walked away without speaking to either of the competitors. Mandy Rose will subsequently run across Robert Stone Brand and Franky.

Rose and Monet locked gazes, with the former announcing that the Robert Stone brand was now under “new management.”

Mandy Rose was only in NXT for a short time.
Mandy Rose competed on Tough Enough season six before joining the main roster alongside Sonya Deville and Paige as part of Absolution. She finished second and signed a five-year contract with WWE.

Mandy Rose competed in nearly thirty matches for NXT at various live events, however she was rarely seen on television.

She debuted on television for NXT in August 2017, but was already on RAW by November.

Rose is presently working for the red brand as part of a tag team with Dana Brooke. Over the last few weeks, both women have been feuding with Natalya and Tamina, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

With Mandy Rose’s appearance on NXT tonight, it’s unclear if she’s through with RAW and will permanently switch to the black and gold brand.

WWE and Rose did an excellent job of keeping the details of her return to NXT under wraps, and the fans have been captivated by this latest development.

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