Minecraft’s 5 rarest mobs


The world of Minecraft is populated by various creatures known as mobs. They fall into one of three categories: passive, neutral, or hostile.

All three mob types may be found practically anywhere in Minecraft. Some mobs spawn regularly, while others are quite rare, depending on their rarity. Rather of killing rare mobs for their drops, many gamers choose to collect them.

Five of Minecraft’s rarest critters are featured in this article. Many of them have less than a 1% chance of naturally reproducing in the wild.

Rarest mobs in Minecraft

5) Brown mooshrooms

Brown mooshroom (Image via Minecraft)
Brown mooshroom 

When it comes to the rarest mobs in Minecraft, mooshrooms are unavoidably included. Red mooshrooms are familiar to most players, but only a few are aware of brown mooshrooms.

Mooshrooms can only be found in mushroom fields, which are one of Minecraft’s rarest biomes. They do, however, only spawn in the hue red.

A brown mooshroom indicates that a bolt of lightning has struck a red mooshroom, which is extremely rare.

4) Pink sheep

Pink sheep (Image via Minecraft)
Pink sheep 

One of the rarest critters in Minecraft is a natural pink sheep. In Minecraft, 85 percent of sheep spawn as white sheep.

Pink sheep account for only 0.1558 percent of spontaneously generated sheep. The possibility of the baby pink sheep spawning is only 0.0082 percent.

3) Charged creeper

Charged creeper (Image via expectender)
Charged creeper 

Mojang has added charged creepers to Minecraft, as if creepers weren’t scary enough. The good news is that they are unable to reproduce spontaneously.

Normal creepers, like mooshrooms, become charged creepers when struck by lightning. A natural lightning strike on a creeper, on the other hand, is uncommon, so gamers won’t have to fear about a stealthy charged creeper appearing out of nowhere.

2) Skeleton covered with diamonds

Only a few players have ever discovered a skeleton coated in diamonds in Minecraft’s history. Mobs spawn with armor pieces like as helmets, chest plates, and so on at high difficulty levels.

They usually come equipped with leather or chainmail. They can, however, develop with diamond gear in extremely unusual circumstances.

1) Jockeys

Rarest mob (Image via u/GNiko324 on Reddit)
Rarest mob 

While jockeys are not technically a mob, they are made up by two or more mobs. Jockeys are one of the rarest monsters in Minecraft due to their numerous potential.

A 0.000000000000000000000000000000001991202975 percent probability of spawning a baby villager zombie wearing diamond armor and riding a chicken, for example.

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