Minecraft’s top three bee farm designs


Bee farms are a terrific method to get the resources you need to make those desired honey blocks in Minecraft. Players have opted to spice up their bee farms with some wonderful designs now that bees have been in the game for a while. When a good build isn’t also terribly ugly, it’s always better.

The bee farms listed below may all be found on the Minecraft Reddit, which is home to some quite excellent builders. These bee farms should hopefully encourage other players to make even better bee farms.

Top three bee farm builds on Minecraft Reddit

3) The bee farm that looks like a bee

The bee farm that looks like a bee

A Minecraft Redditor came up with the brilliant concept of building a fully autonomous bee farm inside a bee.

The bee’s construction is pretty excellent, and it almost appears to be 100% exact. Even more remarkable is the fact that this bee farm is completely automated.

For this fantastic bee farm, the original poster (OP) deserves more credit.

2) The honeycomb bee farm design

An amazing design that takes advantage of a nearby mountain 

A local mountain is used to create a honeycomb motif in this highly interesting bee farm design.

This build is really appealing to the eye, and it’s made even more amazing by the fact that it was made in survival mode. This bee farm is also fully automated, with 20 hives connected to honey and honeycomb dispensers.

The short (six-minute) video above demonstrates how to build a simple automated bee farm that makes 64 honeycombs in ten minutes, which is incredibly efficient.

1) Beehive plus bees bee farm design


Two giant bee constructions, which can be seen next to the massive bee-nest farm, make up this highly imaginative design.

The farm on the interior is likewise automated, which is required for inclusion on this list. This build was also made in survival mode, which contributes to the overall score.

The OP employs innovative approaches to provide a dripping honey impression, which ties the entire setup together.

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