Miss Diya’s Free Fire ID is In October 2021, BlackPink Gaming’s lifetime stats, earnings, and K/D ratio were updated


In India, Free Fire has amassed a sizable active player community, fuelling growth in areas like content creation, esports, and streaming.

Miss Diya, as Diya Hazarika, is a YouTuber who has gained a following in the game’s community. She is the creator of the hugely popular BlackPink Gaming YouTube channel, which currently has 1.19 million subscribers and 78.07 million views.

Free Fire ID and Stats for Miss Diya
558477413 is Miss Diya’s Free Fire ID.

Lifetime stats

BlackPink Gaming's lifetime stats (Image via Free Fire)
BlackPink Gaming’s lifetime stats (Image via Free Fire)

Miss Diya has won 2555 of her 11324 team matches in her career, giving her a win rate of 22.56 percent. She has 28560 kills to her credit, with a K/D ratio of 3.26.

The content creator has participated in 11421 duo matches, winning 1977 of them for a victory percentage of 17.31 percent. She has 28828 kills with a kill-to-death ratio of 3.05.

BlackPink Gaming has 6153 solo games under her belt and has won 644 of them, giving her a win ratio of 10.46 percent. She has 13244 frags in this mode, with a K/D ratio of 2.40.

Ranked stats

BlackPink Gaming’s ranked stats (Image via Free Fire)

Miss Diya has participated in 354 rated squad matches, with 143 first-place finishes for a victory percentage of 40.39 percent. She has 1585 kills to her credit, with a K/D ratio of 7.51.

BlackPink Gaming has won 22 of the 81 duo games she’s played, for a victory record of 27.16 percent. She has a K/D ratio of 3.95 with 233 frags.

Miss Diya has also played seven solo matches and three Booyahs, resulting in a win percentage of 42.85%. With a K/D ratio of 7.00, she has 28 kills.


Earnings of BlackPink Gaming (Image via Social Blade)
Earnings of BlackPink Gaming (Image via Social Blade)

Miss Diya’s monthly profits from her YouTube channel BlackPink Gaming are estimated to be between $445 and $7.1K. Her yearly earnings range between $5.3K and $85.4K. (Image courtesy of Social Blade)

Miss Diya has seen significant growth on YouTube in recent years, and she has been consistently streaming and generating material around Free Fire. In the last 30 days, she has accumulated 10,000 subscribers and 1.77 million views, according to Social Blade.

Miss Diya Live is her other channel, which has 25 thousand subscribers.

Note: The aforementioned statistics were taken at the time of writing and may vary when Miss Diya plays more games in Free Fire.

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