MLB Perfect Inning 2021 and MLB 9 Innings 2021 are commemorating the All-Star Game with new events and information.


Major improvements for two of GAMEVIL and Com2uS’ popular sports games, MLB Perfect Inning 2021 and MLB 9 Innings 2021, were released today. Extra modes, events, card grades, and other features have been added.

Perfect Inning 2021 is a baseball game set in the year 2021.
A limited-time game mode called All-Star Themed Challenge Mode will be available in MLB Perfect Inning 2021 from today until July 19th. It will make it possible to plan ahead of time.

A new Honors Club Player Card Grade has also been added to the game, which will include players that have had long and successful careers. Finally, from July 8th to July 29th, a Draft Maker Event will take place, with players receiving a guaranteed Prime Legend Draft.

On the App Store and Google Play, MLB Perfect Inning 2021 is now available. It’s a free-to-play game featuring in-game purchases.

Between the 4th and the 19th of July, an All-Star Bingo Event will be held. Simply by playing the game, players will win tickets to participate. The bingo board can be completed twice, and the prizes available vary depending on the number of players who take part.

Finally, on July 13th, an MLB All-Star Game Special Event will begin. Players will receive All-Star Play during this time.

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