Money farming in GTA Online during the week of August 13th, 2021


GTA Online’s weekly upgrades deliver a slew of new incentives to users, ensuring a fresh grind each week. The advent of a brand new contract mission, as well as 2x event incentives, make this week’s perks very intriguing.

If players rank up quickly enough at the LS Car Meet by August 18, they can earn an extra GTA $250,000. This week, here’s a quick and easy approach on maximizing money-making routes in Grand Theft Auto Online.

This week, learn how to properly farm cash in GTA Online.

Apart from the fact that the Cayo Perico Heist is the most efficient grind in GTA Online, Rockstar Games has included the following benefits to tempt players to try other game modes:

Adversary Mode – Siege Mentality – 2x GTA$ and RP

Pursuit Races give you double GTA$ and RP.
They can switch between setups and heist cooldowns while also earning money in pursuit races and the Siege Mentality adversarial mode.

A new KDJ and Sessanta Contract, dubbed “The Lost Contract,” was also added this week. The following is Rockstar’s official description of the new event:

“The Lost MC is sitting on a goldmine, and you have a right to a piece of it. Take them down a notch by going after their thriving methamphetamine empire for a big payday. Gather information, steal a truck to transport your cargo, and blow up the entire business. To get started, go to local Auto Shop’s Job Board.”
Contract Jobs are extremely lucrative, even if they are only one-time missions. For this employment, players may expect to earn between $170K and 195K.

Completing the RC Bandito and regular Time Trials is another simple method to earn money this week. For a little more than 10 minutes of work, gamers may earn GTA $200,000 by finishing both trials.

RC Bandito Time Trial Vespucci Beach, Par Time 02:05:00 Time Trial Up-n-Atom, Par Time 01:41:30
Users can also acquire the Karin Futo GTX for free by completing the prize ride challenge of winning three Sprint races in a row for four days in a row. It will save GTA $1,590,000 off the purchase price of the Futo GTX.

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