Monthly membership explains how to earn 1900 diamonds for free in Free Fire.


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Players can choose from a variety of cosmetic things, such as bundles, as well as other products, such as characters and pets, in Free Fire. These frequently necessitate the usage of diamonds. Users are often looking for ways to get things or diamonds at a lower price because many of them give them an advantage in battlegrounds.

Free Fire memberships are unquestionably one of the most cost-effective ways to obtain diamonds. Weekly and monthly memberships are available in the game.

Monthly membership in Free Fire: Price, perks, and more

The price of the monthly membership in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

The user will be charged $599 for the Free Fire monthly membership. A weekly membership, on the other hand, will set you back 159 dollars.

Here are the perks of purchasing a monthly membership in Free Fire:

Users will instantly get AK – Gold Coated for 30 days.They will receive 100 diamonds instantly.They will get 60 diamonds daily for the next 30 days, which roughly equates to 238% additional diamonds. This will reset daily at 03:00.Players will also receive a monthly VIP card icon.

The top up of 1060 diamonds itself costs more than INR 800 (Image via Free Fire)

This subscription is much less expensive than a standard top-up. Users will have to spend $800 to top up 1060 gems, which is significantly more than the monthly membership’s total of 1900 diamonds. These, however, will be delivered over the course of 30 days.

Steps to purchase monthly membership in Free Fire

Here is the exact procedure that you must follow to purchase a monthly membership in Garena Free Fire:

First, you should type on the membership icon (Image via Free Fire)

Step 1: Next to the diamond icon, tap on the membership badge. You will be given the choice of joining on a weekly or monthly basis.

Step 2: Select the monthly option and complete the transaction that will be added to your Google account.

Membership will be activated after payment is received, and you will receive 100 diamonds and AK – Gold Coated for 30 days.

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