More than just Neymar vs Messi in the final between Brazil and Argentina


The game on Saturday at Maracana Stadium will pit one of the world’s toughest defensive lines against the protection of one of the greatest players in history.

RIO DE JANEIRO, RIO DE JANEIRO, RIO DE JANEI Many supporters see the Copa America final between Brazil and Argentina as a battle between Neymar and Lionel Messi.

The players, on the other hand, believe that the biggest challenge on Saturday at Maracana Stadium will be breaking one of the world’s hardest defensive lines and protecting one of the greatest players in history.

To spice up the rivalry, a dash of pepper was thrown onto the pitch.

In six games at the Copa America, Neymar’s Brazil team has only conceded two goals.

Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, and Éder Milito, all veterans, are filling in as starters without putting the Selecao in jeopardy.

Casemiro and Fred, the defensive midfielders, are unstoppable.

Danilo, a right-back, and Danilo, a left-back, Renan Lodi prefers to protect rather than attack.

Initially, these players chastised the South American soccer federation for relocating the continental championship to Brazil in an emergency.

They’ve shifted their narrative to win at all costs ahead of the final versus Argentina’s Messi.

Keeping a clean sheet is also important.

“I play in the same zone as Messi, and we play against each other a lot during matches,” Casemiro said during a press conference on Thursday.

“You need teammates since I can’t mark any player by myself. You also don’t mark just one player. It all starts with Neymar and Richarlison and concludes with the goalie – a team plays with 11 players, defends with 11 players, and attacks with 11 players.”

Meanwhile, Argentina has devised a strategy to preserve Messi, who is now 34 years old and plays significantly closer to the pitch’s final third.

Rodrigo de Paul and Giovani Lo Celso, two of Barcelona’s most creative midfielders, are helping to build a wall around Messi.

Despite this, they continue to make solid passes to the aggressive wingers Lautaro Martinez and Nico Gonzalez.

During this edition of the Copa America, Messi had four goals and five assists.

He claimed before the competition that winning his first major title with Argentina, which hasn’t won a major trophy in 28 years, was his desire.

For his national team, he is playing in the Barcelona manner, scoring from free kicks, dazzling opponents with frequent runs despite his age, and passing freely.

De Paul said before the penalty shootout win over Colombia in the semifinals, “Messi is one step ahead of all of us.”

“One is here to learn and to assist. We’re all heading in the same direction. What important is that Argentina wins and is well represented.”

Brazil’s and Argentina’s strengths conceal some of their flaws.

The Selecao has put so much faith in its defense that its strikers have struggled at the Copa America.

Brazil’s Richarlison and Roberto Firmino each scored one goal.

Gabriel Jesus, who has been suspended from the final, failed to score.

Argentina’s efforts to protect Messi have cost the team physically in the second half of most games, which is when Brazil scores the most goals.

The Copa America final is the only game in the event where extra time can be played before penalties are used.

Argentina advanced to the semifinals one day after Brazil.

The mood for the game could also be affected by sassy comments made before the final.

Richarlison of Brazil has stated that his team will trash speak the Argentinians during the game.

“We’ll be fine; it’s not just a matter of talking. We’ll discuss it and demonstrate it on the pitch “said the striker.

“We’re going to provoke them, and it’ll happen.”

Brazil overcame Argentina 2-0 in the semifinals of the South American tournament in 2019, with goals from Gabriel Jesus and Roberto Firmino.

Due to injury, Neymar was unable to compete in the event.

Emiliano Martinez, the Argentinian goalie, also provoked Colombian players during the penalty shootout that advanced his team to the final.

Martinez made three saves throughout the game.

In an online conference with his Argentine counterpart Alberto Fernandez, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro started off the last rivalry.

“I’ll tell you what the outcome will be. The score will be 5-0 “Bolsonaro, who is not scheduled to attend, said this.

Fernandez couldn’t help but chuckle.

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