New version for Battlegrounds Mobile India ensures that your data is not shared with China.


Battlegrounds Mobile India is now accessible to Android users in India as part of an early access program. Go to the Google Play Store to accomplish this.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is now playable in India, following a lot of buzz. No, it hasn’t officially debuted yet, but it is accessible as early access to give people a sample. Millions of players have downloaded the game as a result, marking a triumphant milestone for the battle royale game. However, things went bad when it was suspected of transmitting users’ data to China, implying that a ban was possible.

However, according to recent reports, people’s data is protected and will not be forwarded to China as part of a new software upgrade. This is what it’s all about.

According to IGN India, Krafton has issued the game’s first update, which puts all the rumors to rest, following the recent charges and CAIT’s request for the BGMI ban. Users’ data will not be shared with any Chinese servers as a result of the minor change.

Once the battle royale game is booted, it is proposed that it will immediately update. People will be requested to restart it and log into their accounts after that.

IGN ran a packet sniffer after updating the game to check how things worked, according to the report. The upgrade prevented the game from interacting with Chinese servers. The app data was only destroyed once, and it was on a Proximity Beta server. This is thought to be related to the data migration feature, which allows players to carry their PUBG Mobile purchases and progress forward.

This implies that people’s information is secure, and they don’t have to worry about China spying on them. This also negates the need for a Battlegrounds Mobile ban in India.

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), for example, has recently called for the game to be banned, citing security and privacy issues.

This isn’t the first time something like this has occurred. Prior to the game’s early access phase, legislators had requested that Battlegrounds Mobile be banned for the same reasons. However, because no evidence of hostile conduct has been found, the game is perfectly lawful in India.

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