Next month, Apex Legends Mobile will start a restricted beta test in new territories.


Apex Legend Mobile’s limited beta test will be expanded to new territories in the coming weeks, according to Respawn.

Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, Egypt, and Lebanon were named as the next regions to be able to access the Apex Legends Mobile private beta test, according to a message from the official Respawn Twitter account. Previously, the game was only available in India and the Philippines.

Respawn hasn’t given a firm date for when these private beta tests will begin, other than to say that it would appear on mobile shops in certain territories “in a few weeks.”
Since its initial release in 2019, Apex Legends has generated a lot of buzz on PC and console. When it was first launched for mobile, there was speculation that it would be a good addition to the mobile battle royale industry, with EA emphasizing how its mechanics varied from those of many of its competitors.

EA and Respawn expect more feedback from players as the game expands to these new regions, which will help develop the game into the type of experience it requires. Since the game was announced so long ago, we can only presume that it intends to take its time with it in order to ensure that it becomes a mobile smash.

Aside than that, there’s no word on when Apex Legends Mobile will be fully released. It’s possible it’ll happen before the end of the year, but given the staggered release of each beta region, EA may want to spread it out to avoid rushing it out.

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