Nickname generator tutorial is the best technique to get stylish names in Free Fire


Free Fire users have a strong desire to have a unique and stylish moniker (IGN). Many individuals believe that having a unique name with a variety of fonts and symbols helps them stand out from the other players in a given match.

Many people, however, are ignorant of the steps that must be taken to create/generate stylish names. Here’s a guide on the same.

Steps on how to come up with cool Free Fire nicknames

Players can use Fancytextguru to generate such names (Image via Free Fire)

Players are advised to visit websites on the internet to obtain attractive fonts and symbols because standard keyboards on mobile devices do not have them.,,, and others are among the best websites that produce names in various fonts.

Here’s how people can get their hands on them and make cool Free Fire nicknames

Step 1: Users must first visit a website that produces names.

Step 2: They must then type the required name into the text field that follows them.

As a result, they’ll get a variety of outputs in various fonts and symbols.

Step 3: Players can choose the one they want and copy and paste it into Garena Free Fire when updating their IGN.

In Garena Free Fire, you can change your moniker.
Step 1: To access their profile section, gamers must first load Free Fire and then tap the banner in the top left corner of the lobby.

Step 2: Then, next to their name badge, gamers must press the edit symbol. A dialog box will appear, and they must then click the icon next to their current nickname.

Players should tap on the icon next to their existing name (Image via Free Fire)

Step 3: Players will be prompted to input a new nickname in a pop-up window. They can paste the name they had earlier copied and click on the “390 Diamonds” option to change their name.

390 diamonds are needed if players want to change their names in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

Diamonds will be deducted from their accounts, and their identities will be changed as a result of this. The name change card can also be used to change the IGN.

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