No retrieval weapons on Pubg mobile \ BGMI: Attachments to control backwards


Pubg mobile and BGMI are separate versions with the identical contents and functionalities, with the exception of a few rules. So, don’t be perplexed, and let’s talk about the best weapons that don’t have any recoil for both versions. In Pubg mobile, you’ll find a wide range of weaponry to use in battle. Some are better at short-range attacks, while others excel at long-range maneuvers.

Here are some guns with hard recoil in the PUBGM and BGMI

  • M762
  • M249
  • MK14
  • AKM
  • Scar-L

Here are the weapons with no recoil in Pubg mobile\BGMI


You can find it in the only airdrop on every map of the game.

The recoil of the AUG is much easier to control in comparison to other weapons.

  • You can use a red dot with 6X scope.
  • 5.56 mm ammo is needed.
  • Best for both short-range and long-range battle

PP-19 Bizon

It is a shot machine gun, so its damage is less Comparision to the AR. And the recoil condition of PP-19 Bizon is easy while you use a scope of 3X. And, if you can, then 6X is also best to get better results.

  • You can use red dot scope with 6X
  • 9mm ammo is needed
  • 35\ one bullet

DP 28

Maximum players prefer DP 28 because it is the best weapon with almost 0 recoil in PUBG mobile and BGMI.

You can easily regulate the recoil with the 3x scope. In 6x, however, it’s difficult. It can also be found in any random location.

7.62mm ammunition is required.

Long-range combat is best.

One bullet in number 51.

Attachment for M416

If you utilize the best attachment, it’s also a low-recoil pistol with a 6x red dot scope. But what if there’s no attachment? No, in comparison to other ARs, it’s not horrible.

  • 5.56 ammo is needed.
  • Best for close-range and long-range.
  • 40\ one bullet.


Another gun with almost 0 recoil is UZI that is best for close-range fights. But the problem is it throws all ammo at once and takes more time to reload.

However, if your aiming skill is perfect, you can get kill easily using UZI.

  • 9mm ammo is needed.
  • Outstanding weapon for short-range.
  • 26\ one bullet.

Best attachments to control the recoil of the gun in PUBG mobile\BGMI

  • Compensator.
  • Stock
  • Verticle foregrip
  • Laser sight

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