On the FF rewards redemption site, how to utilize new Free Fire redeem codes


Free Fire redeem codes allow users to gain in-game goodies that would otherwise only be available through the use of diamonds.

Garena releases these codes, which are made up of 12 alphanumeric characters, through Free Fire’s official social media accounts.

How to use Free Fire redeem codes to get stuff from the rewards redemption website

To use Free Fire redeem codes on the rewards redemption website, players need complete the instructions outlined below:

The first step is for players to go to the Rewards Redemption Site. They can do so by clicking

free Fire
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Step 2: Once on the website, gamers must log in using the platform associated with their Free Fire account. The following are the platforms that are available:



Apple ID is a unique identifier for Apple

ID Huawei



Disclaimer: Players with guest accounts cannot use redeem codes on the Rewards Redemption Site. They are required to link their Free Fire accounts to one of the platforms mentioned above to do so.

free fire
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Step 3: In the textbox on the screen, players can enter the redeem code. After that, they can click the “Confirm” button.

Free Fire
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Step 4: After that, a dialog box will show on the screen confirming the redemption’s success. Below it, players must click the “OK” button.

free Fire
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The in-game mail section is where you may get your rewards.
Step 5: Within 24 hours, the incentives will be issued to the player’s Free Fire account. They can be found in the game’s mail area.

It’s vital to keep in mind that the redeem code is only valid on the server for which it was released. If a player tries to redeem a code that isn’t intended for their server, they’ll get the following error:

“Failed to redeem. This code cannot be used in your region.”

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