Over 17 million pre-registrations are received by PUBG New State as closed alpha testing ends


Pre-registrations for PUBG New State: On the Google Play Store, Krafton Inc revealed that its next mobile game, PUBG New State, had surpassed 17 million pre-registrations.

KRAFTON Inc is currently developing on a new game called PUBG New State, and it has completed its close alpha testing stage, bringing the game one step closer to its final release. Aside from marking the end of the alpha testing period, the business also revealed that over 17 million people have pre-registered for the game on the Google Play Store.

To recall, the developers began alpha testing of PUBG New State on June 11 and completed the process in less than a week. The alpha test was exclusively available to Android smartphone owners in the United States. Based on customer input, the business said that it would expand testing to other regions. The iOS version of the software has been kept under wraps by the corporation.

PUBG New State Pre-registration

Pre-registrations for PUBG New State went live on the Google Play Store in February. The software has yet to appear on the Apple App Store. The game’s release date is currently uncertain, however given that alpha testing is complete, we may see the game premiere shortly.

The PUBG New State game will take place in a dystopian 2051 where “anarchy reigns supreme as multiple groups battle it out.” In comparison to its predecessor, the gameplay will have far
more tools and features, such as drones, combat rolls, and more.

Troi, a new 8-player map for the game, was recently teased by the studio. The map will include a Police Station, Tram Factory, City Hall, Exhibition Hall, Mall, and other sites. In the next days, we can expect more maps from the corporation.

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