Over 3 lakh BGMI players have been banned by Krafton: Don’t do that, otherwise you might become the next victim.


Between July 30 and August 5, Krafton Inc announced that it has banned over three lakh Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) gamers for cheating. When it comes to scams and hacks, Krafton claims to have a zero-tolerance policy. It attempts to provide a secure playing environment for genuine participants. BGMI is aggressively attempting to prevent gamers from gaining an unfair advantage by banning them.

Anti-cheating measures taken by the BGMI
BGMI is presently available on Android and is one of India’s most popular mobile games. Krafton has announced that an Apple version of the game will be released soon for Indian players. The game is a fork of PUBG Mobile, which was banned in India earlier this year. To catch and prohibit cheaters, PUBG Mobile includes its own Ban Pan anti-cheat tool. We expect Krafton to use a fork of the Ban Pan mechanism within BGMI to assist keep the battlefields fair and free of cheaters.

“We will aim to apply tough sanctions with the ultimate goal of removing the usage of unlawful programs in order to offer a pleasant gaming environment,” Krafton stated in a statement.

Due to cheating, BGMI has permanently banned about 3,36,000 players over a seven-day period from July 30 to August 5. While the developers have not stated the percentage of users that used each hack, we can assume that the majority of them were utilizing the “aimbot” and/or “wallhack,” among other cheats and hacks.

Cheating and hacking create a poisonous atmosphere by providing cheaters with an unfair advantage. Others who are playing fairly will find the game unenjoyable as a result.

Every day, Krafton Inc eliminates a large number of players from BGMI in order to maintain a healthy gaming environment and level playing field, according to the company.

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