PMPL Season 4 Indonesia Super Weekend 2 Day 2 overall standings on PUBG Mobile


The second day of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Indonesia S4’s 2nd Super Weekend has come to an end. With 250 points, RRQ Ryu leads the overall league points. Team Bonafide, on the other hand, is catching up and is now in second place with 243 points.

With 62 kills and 136 points, Team Nero continues to lead the second-week points standings. They had a typical day today, scoring 41 points. Bonafide moved up one position to finish second with 114 points. Victim Sovers moved up to third place, while RRQ Ryu dropped to fifth. Livescape had another below-average day and is currently ranked 14th.

Top 5 Players after PMPL Season 4 Indonesia Super Weekend 2 Day 2

The MVP standings are led by Victor GenFossVr, who has 3682 damage and 19 kills, and Nero Rancid, who has 21 frags.

Day 2 of the PMPL Indonesia Season 4 Super Weekend 2: Match Standings

PMPL Season 4 Indonesia Super Weekend 2 overall standings Day 2 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The first match took place on the classic map Erangel, with Bonafide scoring 11 kills and Maruszama Echo scoring 10 frags. Aurora Esports finished third with seven eliminations.

PMPL Season 4 Indonesia Super Weekend 2 overall standings Day 2 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Victim Sovers won the second match, which was played on the Miramar desert map, with 10 frags. Zone Esports took second place with 14 frags thanks to their aggressive gameplay.

The third match of the day was also played on Erangel. Nero won the chicken dinner with five kills after playing cautiously. Takae was eliminated early, but they still managed to get 10 kills.

With seven frags, Alter Ego claimed the Sanhok rainforest map. Supply Bang, on the other hand, went all guns blazing and scored 11 kills.

With seven kills, NFT Esports won the final match of the five-match series. Boom finished second with six frags, and Victim finished third with eight eliminations.

Schedule for PMPL SW Week 2 Day 3
This is how the schedule for Day 3 looks.

Ladies Battle tournament- Erangel

Match 1: Erangel – 17:00 (3:30 pm IST)

Match 2: Miramar – 18:30

Match 3: Erangel – 19:30

Match 4: Sanhok – 20:15

Match 5: Erangel – 21:00

The last day of the SW will be critical for the Nero Team. They are currently ranked 13th in the overall league standings and would like to rack up as many points as possible. After a normal day, RRQ Ryu would want to get back on track, while Bonafide would want to keep their dream run going.

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