PMPL Season 4 Indonesia Super Weekend 3 teams and schedule revealed for PUBG Mobile


Today marked the end of the third and final weekday of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Indonesia Season 4. Twenty teams competed over two days, with 16 making it to the super weekend.

Bonafide, the current league leaders, extended their winning streak and topped the qualification standings with 100 points. Bonafide is also the only team with a score in the triple digits. Boom Esports finished second with 94 points and three chicken dinners, while fan favorite Bigetron RA qualified for the super weekends in fifth place.

PMPL Season 4 Indonesia weekday 3 overall standings (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Team Nero, which finished second in the previous super weekend, did not advance to the weekly finals. They finished last with only 17 points.

PMPL Season 4 Indonesia weekday 3 overall standings (Image via PUBG Mobile)

From the 10th to the 12th of September, there will be five matches per day between qualified teams. The overall standings of the league stages will be determined by Super Weekend points.

Qualified teams for PMPL Season 4 Indonesia Super Weekend 3

1) NFT Esports

2) Bigetron RA

3) Aura Esports

4) Genesis Dogma

5) Bonafide

6) BOOM Esports

7) Victim Sovers


9) Voin Victory88

10) Skylightz Gaming ID

11) LiveScape

12) Zone Esports

13) Alter Ego Limax

14) Dewa United

15) TAKAE Esports

16) Eagle 365 Esports

The following teams failed to qualify:

1) The Onic Esports

2) Nero’s Team

Maruszama Esports is a third option.

4) Supply Surge

Supply Bang and Maruszama Esports did not qualify and are therefore out of the tournament. Onic Esports also failed to qualify and is ranked 15th overall.

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