PMPL South Asia Season 4 Super Weekend 1 qualified teams, schedule, and viewing locations for PUBG Mobile


The first week of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL): South Asia Season 4 qualification process ended yesterday. Over the course of eight matches, twenty of the region’s best teams competed for one of sixteen Super Weekend qualifying positions.A total of fifteen matches will be contested throughout the course of the three-day Super Weekend, which will take place from September 24 to September 26. Only the points earned in SW will be taken into account when determining the league standings.

PMPL South Asia S4 Super Weekend 1: Everything You Need to Know

Weekdays 1 standings from PMPL SA Season 4 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Wizzes with Vibes stunned everyone by winning with a score of 124 and claiming first place. With 61 kill points, they also had the most.

The bottom four teams failed to qualify for PMPL Super Weekend 1 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

DRS Gaming, the defending champion, came in second with 104 points. Thanks to their excellent zone rotations, they were able to bring home three chicken dinners in eight games. Vibes, another Nepalese squad, took third place, while Stalwart’s new roster achieved fourth place. Zeus Esports got off to a bad start, finishing in 12th position with only 56 points.

Teams who have qualified for the PMPL Super Weekend 1:

Zeus EsportsDRS GAMINGSEAL EsportsVibes Gamingi8 EsportsStalwart EsportsA1 EsportsRuthless Aggressive WarriorsDeadeyes GuysHigh VoltageWizzes with vibesBablu Clarity EsportsTrained to KillFutureStation 1952ParadoxS9 Esports

Teams that failed to qualify for the first Super Weekend:-

Venom Legends7 SEA EsportsRed EsportsPN Crew

PMNC Venom Legends, the Bangladeshi champion, lost out on Super Weekend qualification by three points, while Red Esports, the Pakistani squad, had a disappointing first week, finishing last on the table.

Kill Leaders at the Top:

  1. Wizzes DeltaX- 19 kills
  2. DRS Gyalzen- 18 kills
  3. Wizzes Rulzsr- 16 kills
  4. Vibes Killer- 15 kills
  5. Vibes Prabin- 15 kills

At 6:00 pm IST, the Super Weekend will be televised live on the PUBG Mobile Esports/PUBG Mobile Esports South Asia and PUBG Mobile Pakistan Official Facebook and YouTube channels.

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