Pokemon Go gamers are upset about upcoming game modifications, and the announcement has sparked a backlash in the community.


Niantic had made a number of adjustments to Pokemon Go in response to the outbreak, making it simpler to play while under quarantine. Some of the alterations were recently reversed, according to the business.
Last year, while the pandemic was spreading havoc around the world, Niantic made a slew of in-game improvements to Pokemon Go to make things simpler for players while were all quarantined. Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that requires players to go around and explore their surroundings, thus these adjustments were welcomed by those who were unable to step outside. However, since several countries, mainly North America and New Zealand, have gained control of the Covid-19 crisis, Niantic recently announced that some of the pandemic-related alterations would be reversed, restoring the game to its previous state. The Pokemon have reacted angrily to this.

The Go community and players are outraged by the decision, and they want the improvements to remain. As we previously reported, Niantic revealed modifications to Pokemon Go on June 21, including a reduction in Gym and Pokestop interactions, a change in incense effectiveness and duration based on whether you are moving or immobile, and more. All of the modifications are detailed here. The next updates, which will first be implemented in the United States and New Zealand, will restore several in-game elements to their pre-pandemic state. The adjustments Niantic made in Pokemon Go in response to Covid-19 made the game more accessible to players, and the announcement of a rollback has generated an outcry from the community.

On Change.org, Gabirele Russo has filed a petition to “keep the higher spawn rate of Incense & extended interaction range of PokéStops/Gyms.” “I’ve known people who have expressed gratitude for the expanded interaction range,” Russo said.

“People with physical limitations were able to interact with PokeStops and Gyms in ways that they couldn’t previously. Incense’s spawn rate was also ten times better as a result of the increase. People who used to play more due of the unique bonuses will no longer be able to do so or would be less tempted to do so. “Taking away these perks would be an ethically and financially wrong decision because fewer players equals less money for Niantic,” Russo continued.

As IGN points out, Russo’s petition is the smallest of the three Niantic-related petitions on Change.org. All of these petitions have gathered about 77,000 signatures in total. One of the three Change.org petitions was started by a member of the Pokemon Go subreddit community and presently has 75,655 signatures and counting as of the last time we checked. “Sign it to let Niantic know that they are betraying our trust by removing something they previously stated would be a permanent addition,” wrote Amazon UK.

There are several more Reddit posts dedicated to this topic that examine speculations as to why Niantic is pulling back the adjustments, as well as general dissatisfaction with the situation. It remains to be seen whether Niantic pays attention to the community.

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