Price, ability, and additional facts about the new D-Bee character in Free Fire have been released.


Free Fire is known for its unique battle royale experience. One of the features that make the game stand out from other mobile BR titles is the nature of its characters.

The characters in Free Fire, except for the default ones, all have unique abilities that can significantly help players during a match.

With the recent addition of D-Bee, Free Fire now has a total of 40 characters. D-Bee was introduced in the game last month but was inaccessible to players.

Fortunately for fans, Garena has now made the character accessible in an event called ‘StreetBeat Top Up.’

Price and ability of D-Bee in Free Fire

How to get D-Bee

As previously mentioned, D-Bee is available in the new StreetBeat Top Up event. The event begins today and will end on July 13th.

Players can claim the character for free by topping up 100 diamonds from the store section of Free Fire.

StreetBeat Top Up event (Image via Garena)

Note: Although players have to pay money for diamonds, the top-up reward is free since no in-game currency is used to obtain them.

Players can follow the steps given below to claim the D-Bee character in Free Fire:

Players should click on the

Players should click on the ‘diamond’ icon

Step 1: Players should open the Free Fire lobby and click on the diamond icon located in the top-left corner of the screen.

Step 2: The Free Fire store will open. Players will then have to top up a minimum of 100 diamonds in the store.

Step 3:¬†After a successful purchase, players can head to the ‘Events’ section, where they will find the ‘StreetBeat Top Up’ tab.

Players should go to the

Step 4: Players can then claim D-Bee by clicking on the “Claim” button. They can also get D-Bee’s Streetbeat bundle if they top up 500 diamonds.

Since the event will end on July 13th, players have ample time to claim the new Free Fire character.

D-Bee’s ability


Ability: Bullet Beats

Skill type: Passive

As per Free Fire’s description, D-Bee is a street dancer who loves to go to music concerts. He has a passive skill called Bullet Beats. At its base level, this ability increases movement speed by 5% and enhances accuracy by 10% when the player is firing while moving.

At D-Bee’s maximum level, the movement speed increases by 15%, while the accuracy improves by 35%.

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