Price, offers, and process for obtaining Free Fire diamonds from the top-up center are all mentioned


The majority of transactions in Free Fire require the usage of diamonds, the game’s premium money. Because they can’t be earned in the game, the only way to get them is to pay real money.

Players can buy currency via the in-game top-up center or from a variety of different top-up websites. However, several of the most popular websites, such as GamesKharido and Codashop, do not currently offer a Free Fire diamond top-up option, forcing players to rely on the in-game center.

How to get diamonds in Free Fire and how much they cost
Diamonds can be purchased in the game by following the steps outlined below:

There are six options within the game (Image via Free Fire)

Step 1: To begin, players should press the diamond button after launching Free Fire. On the screen, a variety of top-up packets will show.

Step 2: Next, customers should select their chosen diamond pack and push the button underneath it.

Users can complete the transaction (Image via Free Fire)

Step 3: Finally, they can finalize the transaction by making a payment using their preferred method.

The diamonds will be subsequently credited to their account.

The price of diamonds

  • ₹80 – 100 diamonds (price per diamond: 0.80 INR)
  • ₹250 – 310 diamonds (price per diamond: 0.80 INR)
  • ₹400 – 520 diamonds (price per diamond: 0.769 INR)
  • ₹800 – 1060 diamonds (price per diamond: 0.754 INR)
  • ₹1600 – 2180 diamonds (price per diamond: 0.733 INR)
  • ₹4000 – 5600 diamonds (price per diamond: 0.714 INR

Other rewards

Top up rewards are the incentives for purchasing the diamonds (Image via Free Fire)

Garena frequently has a top-up event in the game at all times. When customers buy a certain number of diamonds, these offer incentives in the form of rewards. Diwali Top Up III is presently in progress, with rewards including gun crates and Gloo Wall skins. To obtain these gifts, players must spend 300 diamonds.

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