PSG’s star wants to quit the club, despite interest from Real Madrid, according to reports.


Kylian Mbappe, the attacker for Paris Saint-Germain, is said to desire to quit the club due to attention from Real Madrid.

Mbappe’s contract at PSG expires in the summer of 2022, and the Frenchman is holding out for a fresh challenge.

PSG wants to keep him, but with Real Madrid interested, Mbappe could go this summer, as the Parisians will not want to lose him for nothing.

According to RMC Sport journalist Daniel Riolo, Mbappe no longer wants to stay at PSG and will go for free next year if the club does not find a buyer this summer.

“I know Mbappe asked to leave, but it’s tricky because first you have to find a club that can pay him, but the news is that he truly doesn’t want to stay.” The player is skeptical about Leonardo’s plan. If he does not depart this summer, he will be able to do so for free the following season. And [PSG’s owners] in Doha don’t want to hear about it. “If Mbappe displays a wish to go, he will have to find a new club, and PSG will have to find a successor.” “But, definitely, Mbappe does not want to stay at PSG,” Daniel Riolo remarked.

Real Madrid is a possible destination. Regardless of his contract situation, Kylian Mbappe will not be cheap.

Regardless of Mbappe’s contract situation, PSG will want to retrieve as much money as possible from his sale.

If the team cannot persuade him to sign an extension before the transfer window ends, he will have to be sold this summer, but few clubs can afford his exorbitant salaries.

Real Madrid is seeking to sign the Frenchman in order to reignite their attack following a disappointing season.

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