PUBG is Free to Play


The battle royale game PUBG will go free-to-play this week, according to a new release, and it specifies what gamers should expect.

According to a fresh release from the PUBG team, the game will be free to play for the next week. New players that wish to test out PUBG will be able to participate in the new Free Play Week.

The news was made on the official PUBG website, which also included further information about the new Free Play Week. The official dates for the Free Play Week are today, August 10th, through next Monday, August 16th. A brief teaser was even made to assist promote the game’s free-to-play status this week. There are, however, more information about PUBG’s upcoming Free Play Week.

All in-game PUBG awards, including Pass and Mission incentives, as well as XP and BP, can be acquired during this Free Play Week, according to the post. Furthermore, all objectives and data acquired during the Free Play Week will be saved in the game, allowing new players to follow their progress and achievements while playing.

PUBG will also have special activities planned to welcome new players to the game, according to the post. The activities will assist new players in becoming acquainted with the game while also providing an enjoyable experience for them. Parachuting for 600 meters, using two emotes in a match, ledge grabbing over barriers two times, surviving for 200 minutes, and looting a total of 300 things are among the exceptional drop occurrences described.

Complete these new special drop events to gain a new prize, such as a Sleeveless Cheetah top for completing the parachute drop event or a brown Utility Belt for completing the ledge grab drop event. will also allow players to create a Global Account event, which they can then link to their Steam account. PUBG players who create a new Global Account during Free Play Week will receive a unique prize of Traditional Glasses.

However, in a FAQ section of the page, it is revealed that the current PUBG Free Play Week is only available on Steam and not on other game platforms such as the Xbox One and PS4 consoles. New players’ gaming records of their stats and claimed awards from this Free Play Week, according to the post, will not be erased. After purchasing the game, everything will be transferred to the same account. In addition, the in-game store will be available only once new players have purchased the game.

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