PUBG Mobile and Tesla have teamed up: What’s new in Battlegrounds Mobile India for PUBG?


PUBG Mobile has teamed up with Tesla, which could lead to some intriguing Tesla-branded in-game items. The following are the specifics.

New features are coming to PUBG Mobile. And the novelty has something to do with the well-known electric car manufacturer Tesla. The game has teamed with Tesla to bring the essence of Elon Musk’s company to the game.

New in-game merchandise as well as Tesla’s “revolutionary spirit” will be included. Here’s a look at what new features are coming to the popular battle royale game, as well as if there’s anything in store for Battlegrounds Mobile India.

This will be brought about by the PUBG Mobile-Tesla collaboration.
According to PUBG Mobile’s official website, the company’s relationship with Tesla will result in new items. While there’s no official word on what it is, we’re guessing it’s Tesla automobiles.

This might include the company’s electric vehicle lineup, which includes the Model S, Model X, Model 3, Model Y, and even the Model S Plaid. As a result, earning the chicken meal in a Tesla automobile may become a reality soon.

In the future, there’s a potential we’ll see Tesla-inspired skins, inventory, and other futuristic features as part of the package.

While this may sound thrilling, Indian readers should be cautious. They won’t be able to play because PUBG Mobile is illegal in India.

However, given that most of the game’s features, including the gameplay, are inspired by the now-banned PUBG Mobile, Krafton may extend its relationship with Tesla to Battlegrounds Mobile India. However, this is only a guess and not a confirmation.

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