PUBG Mobile best 3 control layouts


In the previous few years, PUBG Mobile has established itself as one of the most popular battle royale games on mobile platforms. Since its release, the game has been nothing short of a viral sensation. Almost everyone has praised the game’s high level of immersion.

One of the key causes for the increase in the number of users has been the consistently improving gaming quality. However, with the massive increase in PUBG Mobile’s player base, in-game rivalry has increased as well.

Most newcomers find it difficult to master the game because of the heightened competitiveness. Certain characteristics of PUBG Mobile, including as weapon mechanics, sensitivity, frame rate, and controls, contribute to the game’s increased difficulty.

The control layout in PUBG Mobile is most likely one of the most important factors that may make or break a match. The in-game controls in PUBG Mobile are completely customizable. As a result, before starting any game, players should adjust their control configuration.

Players can test out some of the better control layouts in this post.

The greatest PUBG Mobile control layouts are shown here.

with different grips

3) Two-finger claw (thumb) grip

Two-finger claw setup (Image via PUBG Mobile)

This two-finger claw arrangement is ideal for close-range combat because it allows players to better control their 360° movements. When players need to quickly switch to ADS view, however, this layout isn’t ideal.

As a result, the two-finger setup is better for rushing foes. Furthermore, gamers can make better use of their gyroscope at close ranges.

2) Three-finger claw

Three-finger claw setup (Image via PUBG Mobile)

This grip is better balanced than a two-finger claw grip since ADS can be used much faster. Players should keep their left-hand index finger on the fire buttons and move them around as needed.

Gamers can maneuver and aim at foes with both thumbs, making it more ideal for ADS. The three-finger arrangement works effectively at close range as well as at extended distances.

Players, on the other hand, will need plenty of practice to become used to the new controls.

Four-finger claw setup (Image via PUBG Mobile)

A four-finger claw grip is used by several professional players. This claw arrangement is good for ADS and movement while sniping at medium or long range. After understanding the controls at various ranges, ARs can be used. It becomes difficult to use the gyroscope in close-quarter fighting, and it causes discomfort during short-range 360° maneuvers.

Furthermore, before using the control arrangement in a match, players must sweat it out for a long time in training grounds. This four-finger claw arrangement can be used for sniping and providing support to the squad once it’s perfected.

It’s important to remember that the positioning of buttons on a layout varies depending on the device’s aspect ratio. As a result, gamers should modify their buttons appropriately.

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