Quests, seashore rewards, challenges, and more await you in the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event.


On the two-week-long epic event, Fortnite Cosmic Summer Party, here’s how you may unlock innovative LTMs and seashore goodies.

The two-week Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event 2021 has begun in Epic’s famous Battle Royale game. On June 22, at 6:30 p.m. IST, the Cosmic Summer celebration began. Players can receive new beach-ready clothes, bundles, and a variety of additional features by completing tasks throughout the event.

Quests, seashore rewards, and more in the Cosmic Summer Event 2021
Bios Zone Wars Trio 1.0 – Custom Teams, Pro 100, Freaky Flights – Air Royale, and The Pit – FFA are among the popular creative LTMs that return for Cosmic Summer. According to the developer, players can earn goodies by completing objectives in these LTMs, and the rewards are appropriate for any beach party. They can also activate the popsicle Brain Freeze Back Bling.

Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event

“Enjoy fan-favorite Creative LTMs, unlock summer-themed goodies, and put on your best beach wear with new and returning Outfits in this interplanetary festival. In addition, Abductors made their first visit to the Island recently,” Epic Games wrote in a blog post.

Additionally, gamers will be able to acquire the Believer Beach Loading Screen, which depicts the impassioned POI, after completing two Fortnite Cosmic Summer Quests. The Icy Pop Wrap is unlocked after finishing six tasks, while the Lil’ Treat Emote is unlocked after completing twelve.

The Cosmic Summer Challenges in Fortnite have been unveiled.
While Epic Games is yet to reveal details about awards and inventive LTMs, Fortnite data miners have discovered a set of Cosmic Summer Challenges. The Brain Freeze Slurpberry will be awarded to players who deal 100 damage to opponents in the Bios Zone Wars Trios game mode, according to Sportskeeda.

A mini-game called Freaky Flights will challenge players to fly 5000 meters in X-4 Stormwings in order to receive the Brain Freeze Orangeberry. Furthermore, according to the gaming publication, creating 500 structures in The Pit will grant players the Brain Freeze Whirlberry, while destroying the same number would grant them the Stellar Sipper emote.

The Summer Extravaganza, on the other hand, will run through July 5, and we expect further details about the celebration to emerge in the following days. So get ready for a day at the beach and take on tasks to earn great rewards.

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