Redeem Codes for Free Fire Rewards: Everything You Need to Know About FF Rewards


Redeem codes are one of the simplest ways players can obtain exclusive cosmetics and more for free in Free Fire. It is no surprise that so many players actively search for them as they provide an incredible opportunity to acquire numerous items with minimal effort.

Redeem codes generally have an expiry date after which they become invalid, meaning they cannot be used any further.

Players can visit the official rewards redemption site of the game to claim the rewards. This article provides a guide about the same.

A step-by-step guide to using redeem codes in Free Fire

Here’s the redemption procedure that players can follow to use the Free Fire redeem codes:

Step 1: Users mu go to the rewards redemption site of the game. They can click here to do so.

Players need to login via one of the options available on the rewards redemption site

Step 2: Once gamers have reached the webpage, they must log in to the method they’ve linked their Free Fire accounts with. The ones available are:

  1. Facebook
  2. VK
  3. Apple ID
  4. Huawei ID
  5. Google
  6. Twitter

Step 3: Paste the required redeem code into the text field. Next, players must tap the “Confirm” option.

Users should paste the respective redeem code into the text field and tap the "Confirm" option

If the code is valid and working on the player’s server, the redemption process will be successful. Items from the redeem code will be sent to the Free Fire account within 24 hours.

Step 4: Finally, users can claim the rewards via the in-game mail section.

Here are a few things that the players need to note:

1) Players can’t redeem the code after it expires. Hence, they should use it as soon as possible.

2) Redeem codes will only work for the respective server that it has been released for, and players from elsewhere will encounter an error.

3) Guest account users who wish to use the redeem code must bind their Free Fire account using one of the platforms mentioned earlier.

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