Release date, powers, and more information on the Thiva character in Free Fire.


When it comes to collaborations, Free Fire’s devs rarely disappoint. They’ve collaborated with celebrities, TV shows, and a variety of other entities. Garena hooked up with DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike for the approaching 4th Anniversary celebration after the McLaren collaboration came to an end.

This has piqued the interest of the players because they will be able to play as the DJs’ in-game avatars. Players are anticipating the arrival of the Thiva character after the Dimitri character was made available as part of the top-up event.

Character Thiva in Free Fire: Cost, Ability, and More

Ability – Vital Vibes

Thiva character's ability is called Vital Vibes
Thiva character’s ability is called Vital Vibes

Vital Vibes is a passive ability that accelerates the speed of rescue or assistance by 5%. Furthermore, revived individuals will regain 15 health points after five seconds. As the character’s level rises, so does the speed of rescue and the recovery of HP.

Vital Vibes ability over the six levels
Vital Vibes ability over the six levels 

Vital Vibes will boost the help-up speed by 20% at the highest level. The saved users, on the other hand, will get 40 health points in 5 seconds following the successful rescue.

This passive skill can be used effectively in character combinations with Alok, Chrono, K, and others.

Release date

Following the release of the OB29 update earlier this month, the Thiva character has already been added to Free Fire.

This item will be available soon!
This item will be available soon!

When players hit the obtain button, they are routed to the store, where they will get a notification that says “this item will be available soon.”

The new Thiva character will be available to players on August 28, 2021, according to a previous statement.


As part of the 4th Anniversary celebration, Garena announced that Thiva would be available for free on August 28.
The game’s creators have yet to reveal how players will be able to obtain the characters. According to a leaked calendar from data miner Knight Clown, users can get Thiva by signing in on the specified date.

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