Season 23 of Free Fire has been ranked, and the end date and time have been disclosed


Free Fire includes a number of time-limited modes that are frequently released and retired by the developers. Despite this, the main modes, Clash Squad and Battle Royale, are always available.

Both feature seasonal rating systems that last a few months. Season 23 of Battle Royale Ranked began in late August and will conclude very soon. The players are ecstatic to collect their season-ending rewards and begin their climb up the ladder in the upcoming season.

Ranked Season 23 in Free Fire to end around noon today

Season 23 of the Battle Royale mode will end, and gamers’ ranks will be reset (Image via Free Fire)

Ranked Season 23 will end today, October 22nd, after nearly two months of play. The current season will most likely end at 12.30 pm IST (GMT +5:30), as has been the case in past seasons.

Players will not be able to play ranked matches after it ends until the new season begins, since a message indicating “Ranked Season has ended” will appear whenever they try to play a ranked game.

Based on their existing rank at the time of completion, users will be assigned to a new tier. The better the tier in which they are placed, the higher the level. The specifics of the reset are as follows:

Rank reset in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

Players between Bronze 1 and 3 will reset to Bronze 1.Players between Silver 1 and 3 will reset to Bronze 2.Players between Gold 1 and 4 will reset to Silver 1.Players between Platinum 1 and 4 will reset to Silver 2.Players between Diamond 1 and 4 will reset to Gold 1.Players in Heroic or above will reset to Gold 2.

Because Gold 2 is the highest tier into which players will be placed, now is an excellent moment to grind and climb the ranks.

Free Fire ranked Season 24 details

The next season of 24, titled 24, will premiere today. Players may expect it to begin at 2.30 p.m. IST (GMT +5:30) as in prior seasons. Users may see the leaked rewards of the new ranked season in the video above.

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