Should fans expect GTA 5 to come out on Android and iOS?


GTA 5 is the second best-selling video game of all time, and GTA Online is still profitable for Rockstar.

The bulk of Rockstar’s titles, including the GTA series, have been ported to Android and iOS platforms. Despite this, HD universe games such of GTA 4 and GTA 5, which are nearly 13 and 7 years old, respectively, have yet to be released on smartphones.

This article will look at whether or not GTA 5 will be released on Android or iOS.

Is it possible that GTA 5 will be released for Android and iOS?

All the games they’ve released till now

Many of Rockstar’s games have been ported to the Android and iOS platforms. Bully, Max Payne, and practically all of the GTA 3D Universe games fall within this category. GTA Chinatown Wars appears to be best suited for smartphones, despite its clunky controls.

GTA Vice City Stories, on the other side, was never released on smartphones, owing to music licensing issues, which many blamed. Other sources, on the other hand, suggest that profit may have had a role.

Why Android ports are a bad idea for developers

For a variety of reasons, Android ports of PC/console games are rarely lucrative. The majority of PC/console gamers are from first-world nations and are relatively wealthy. Most mobile gamers cannot afford to spend as much money on a premium game as they can on a PC or console.

Furthermore, in free-to-play games, mobile gaming favors pay-to-win revenue tactics. People who play these games are frequently more interested in casual games than in high-quality games.

Piracy is a major issue here as well, because most users who can’t pay premium games would simply download them for free. On Android, downloading a pirated game is also lot easier than on PC or iOS.

Here’s how one indie developer felt about releasing his games on Android and Steam:

Rockstar may not believe it is worth wasting time and effort creating a game that will not make them a lot of money for these reasons.

Will there ever be a GTA 5 smartphone port from Rockstar?

At this time, it appears that Rockstar will not port GTA 5 to Android or iOS. Because the freemium-dominated mobile market is not the greatest place to release PC/Console grade games, the expense of porting is hardly compensated by sales.

Some players may argue that studios like Feral Interactive have successfully ported numerous popular PC games like Rome: Total War, Tropico, and GRID to the console. These games, however, contain advanced anti-piracy systems that make free downloads difficult.

GTA 5 is also significantly more technically difficult to play on a smartphone. Furthermore, for those who have an Xbox Game Pass or use PS Remote Play, GTA 5 is already playable on Android.

As a result, it is unlikely to be ported to mobile devices shortly.

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