Six players in Chile accused COVID-19 of breaking


For the breaking of the COVID-19 protocols, six international Chilean players could go home. Reports suggest that the players will be strictly dealt with. From the tournament the team could be sent home.

Martin Lasarte, Chile’s technical director, is calling for serious action against the accused. Rumors suggest he himself might resign due to this incident

While rumors still have to be confirmed by the Chilean Football Federation the reports seem to be true in fact. The scandal was played by Jean Meneses, Arturo Vidal, Gary Medel, Pablo Gal ladies, Pablo Aranguiz and Eduardo Vargas.

The players are reported to have invited several women to their hotel, where the team stays for the tournament. The players and the team are deeply distressed. Chileans Medel and Vidal were previously warned and fined CONMEBOL for inviting a hairdresser to their hotel for $30,000 each.

Official Chilean Team statement on the incident of the hairdresser:

“(We)recognize the breach of Copa America’s health bubble by the squad. With the unauthorized entry of a barber who should not contact players despite his negative PCR test.”

The player concerned will hope to resolve the matter quickly so that they can concentrate on their next matches. Nobody is to blame for this incident except the players. Fans sit with their fingers crossed with the hope that the players do not take such action. Sending the players home would be a huge blow to Chile.

Chile in Copa America

Their first match against Argentina finished in a standstill. Every team scored one goal. Although Argentina should have won the match, in the first half the Argentines fought to change the opportunities. However, it helped Chile to play well in the second half and to receive a penalty through the VAR.

With the goal of Ben Bereton in the tenth minute, Chile won its second match against Bolivia. They played well, remained owned and had 11 targets of 18 in total. They played well against Bolivia.

Although they have a lot of experienced team players, they sometimes seem a little lazy. The Chileans suffered a major blow from the loss of Alexis Sanchez for the entire stage.

The Chilean team hopes to scrap only over the group stages. With Sanchez coming soon, they hope he can solve their goals and help them win their third Copa America title.

Currently, Chile is second with four points on the table. They have the same points as Argentina’s group leaders. A victory against Uruguay would help Chile secure a place in the tournament knockout stage.

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