Sky Brown is destined to become the youngest British Olympian at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


Sky Brown, who is 13 years and 11 days old, is set to become Great Britain’s youngest ever summer Olympian after being picked for Team GB in the skateboard park category for the Tokyo Olympics 2020, according to the British Olympic Association.

While competing in the games, Brown will team up with Bombette Martin. Chef of Mission for Team GB at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Mark England, said:

“Announcing Sky and Bombette to Team GB for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is tremendously thrilling. They’ll not only be Team GB’s first skateboarders, but Sky will also be our youngest ever summer Olympian.”

The 13-year-old prodigy will surpass swimmer Margery Hinton, who was 13 years and 44 days old when she represented GB at the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam.

Brown had been knocking on the door for the last two years, in the hunt for an Olympic berth. She won gold at the UK Skateboard Championships in Salford in 2019. This was followed by a bronze medal at the World Championships in Brazil, in September.

In May 2021, Brown managed a second-place finish in the Dew Tour Skateboard Park final with a final score of 58.50. This performance, in the last Olympic qualification event before Tokyo 2020, helped Brown clinch a berth at the games and earn a World No. 3 ranking in the process.

Sky Brown is currently ranked No 3 in the world

Skateboarding introduced in Tokyo Olympics 2020

Along with baseball, surfing, mountain climbing, and karate, skateboarding is one of the five sports that have been introduced to the Tokyo Olympics games.

Brown and Martin will compete in the park category of the sport, which takes place in a hollowed-out track that resembles an empty swimming pool, with steep sides and almost vertical tops. Skaters do feats such as ‘grabs’ and’spins,’ grinding their way around the course, attempting to be as inventive as possible.

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