Skylord’s Free Fire ID, statistics, true name, monthly revenue, Discord connection, and subscriber count have all been revealed.


Skylord, aka Abhiyuday Mishra, is an Indian Free Fire YouTuber whose work largely focuses on Garena Free Fire. Since beginning his quest about 11 months ago, he has amassed 1.19 million subscribers on his channel and 215 thousand followers on Instagram.

The well-known individual also works as a content creator for the well-known organization Global Esports. Here’s a rundown of his Free Fire ID, stats, and other information.

Skylord’s ID and stats for Free Fire

The content creator’s Free Fire ID is 77985476, and his stats as of today (July 23rd) are as follows:

Lifetime stats

Skylord’s lifetime stats 

Skylord has played 14099 team games and has 6985 first-place finishes, for a victory rate of 49.54 percent. He has 46835 kills and a kill-to-death ratio of 6.58.

In duo matches, he has won 176 of the 719 matches he has played in, for a win record of 24.47 percent. He has 2186 kills and a K/D ratio of 4.03.

The YouTuber has also competed in 708 solo games, winning 127 of them for a win ratio of 17.93 percent. In this phase, he has killed 2356 adversaries with a K/D ratio of 4.06.

Ranked stats

Skylord’s ranked stats

Skylord has appeared in a total of 65 team matches this season and has won on 27 times, for a win record of 41.53 percent. He has collected 223 frags and has a K/D ratio of 5.87.

Meanwhile, he has only played four duo games and has a K/D ratio of 0.25.

Skylord has also competed in 25 ranked solo matches, winning three times for a win percentage of 12.00 percent. He has 72 kills and a kill/death ratio of 3.27.

Skylord’s monthly income

Skylord’s income 

Skylord’s monthly income from his YouTube channel is estimated to be between $2.9K and $46.7K.

Discord link

Skylord’s server

Readers can use this link to join Skylord’s Discord server.

YouTube channel

Skylord has 75 videos on his channel, with a total of 82.185 million views. Over the last 30 days, he has gained over 60 thousand subscribers, which has contributed to his platform growth.

Tap here to visit Skylord’s YouTube channel.

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