Sooneeta, a Free Fire streamer, is featured in YouTube’s Creator Spotlight.


Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale titles on mobile gaming platforms. Due to the massive popularity of Free Fire, many players have taken to different platforms like YouTube, Twitch, etc. to stream the game.

Creator Spolight is a YouTube original series where vloggers from different walks of life tell their story of becoming famous. From sportspeople to gamers, these content creators come to YouTube to narrate their journey to stardom.

Free Fire YouTuber Sooneeta makes an appearance in Creator Spotlight

Free Fire fans are delighted to discover that popular mobile gamer Sooneeta has made an appearance in YouTube’s original series, Creator Spotlight. Sunita Thapa Magar (Sooneta) is a famous Free Fire streamer hailing from Nepal and she is also a member of Team Lava.

Sooneeta has over 4 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, with the oldest video uploaded way back in September 2018. Her most viewed video boasts over 24 million views.

Sooneeta has played with another popular Free Fire gamer, Gyan Sujan (Image via Sooneta; YouTube)

In the video above Sooneeta talked about her struggles and revisited her story of how she became a part of the Esports ecosystem. She also ruminated upon how she was stereotyped as a woman in the initial stages of her career.

Having learned how to play Free Fire from her brother and his friends, she started making memes on the battle royale title which garnered her a few followers. Gradually, she started to live stream her games.

Reminiscing about her past and contemplating the present, she talked about how difficult it is to create new content every day.

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