Stats, headshots, victory ratio, and real name for Skylord’s Free Fire ID


Abhiyuday Mishra works for Global Esports as a content maker, and his movies are based on Garena’s battle royale game Free Fire. His channel has exploded in popularity over the previous year, and he now has a considerable following.

Abhiyuday Mishra, for those who don’t know, is the creator of the Skylord YouTube channel, which has over 1.27 million subscribers. It also has a view count of over 118.73 million at the time of writing.

Lifetime stats

Skylord’s lifetime stats (Image via Free Fire)

Skylord has played in 15169 team games, outclassing his opponents in 7578 of them for a 49.95 percent win percentage. He has a K/D ratio of 6.81 and a headshot rate of 22.18 percent, respectively, with 51687 kills and 11463 headshots.

He has won 181 of the 730 pair matches he has played, giving him a win percentage of 24.79 percent. He has 2235 kills in total, 614 of which are headshots, for a K/D ratio of 4.07 and a headshot rate of 27.47 percent.

Apart from that, the internet sensation has played 747 single games with a total of 128, resulting in a win ratio of 17.13 percent. He has 2450 kills with a K/D ratio of 3.96 and 744 headshots with a 30.37 percent success rate.

Ranked stats

Skylord’s ranked stats (Image via Free Fire)

In the current season, Skylord has participated in 1001 rated squad matches, winning 557 of them for a win percentage of 55.64 percent. The YouTuber has a K/D ratio of 10.22 and a headshot percentage of 20.39 percent with 4536 kills and 925 headshots.

Meanwhile, he has won four out of ten duo games, for a win percentage of 40.00 percent. With a K/D ratio of 6.17, the guy has 37 kills. He also has eight headshots, giving him a 21.62 percent success rate. Skylord has four solo battles under his belt, with four kills and a 1.00 K/D ratio. He has landed a single headshot, giving him a 25.00 percent headshot rate.

Skylord’s content aims to change the Free Fire community for the better. He presently has 162 videos on his channel, the most popular of which has 2.3 million views.

In the previous 30 days, Abhiyuday Mishra has garnered 20 thousand subscribers and 5.89 million views, according to Social Blade.

Note: The statistics listed above were taken at the time of writing and may vary if Skylord continues to play games.

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