Step-by-step instructions on how to send gifts in Free Fire.


In Free Fire, sending free presents is an excellent way to surprise teammates, acquaintances, and close friends. Everyone enjoys receiving free gifts, and providing gifts to friends in Free Fire can help sustain social ties.

Many Free Fire players, particularly those who are new to the game, are unaware of the processes necessary to send free presents in the game. This post will give you a step-by-step guidance on how to do so.

In Garena, there are several ways to deliver free presents and diamonds. Fire is unrestricted
Diamonds and in-game goodies are the two sorts of presents available in Free Fire. Each of these gifts demands its own set of instructions, which gamers must carefully follow.

Following a few simple procedures, in-game things can be sent to gamers on your friend list. These procedures are simple to remember, and gamers should have no difficulty following them.

Step 1: Launch Free Fire and go to the in-game store by clicking the Store button on the left side menu.

Step 2– Tap on the Gift option.

Step 3- Gift items will be classified into several sections namely, Bundle, Character, Fashion, Item, etc. Gamers will have to choose their preferred option from this list.

Step 4– Choose the gift that needs to be sent.

Step 5– Select the friend who will receive the in-game gift.

Step 6– Gamers can type a customized message in the text box.

Step 7– Click on the “Send” button to confirm the purchase.

Gamers should note that the in-game item will cost Diamonds. Gamers will only be able to send free gifts when their gaming account has adequate Diamonds to complete the transaction.

Diamonds can be gifted through third-party websites like Codashop in Free Fire. Gamers can donate free Diamonds to their friends by following the instructions outlined below.

Gifting Diamonds:

Step 1– Tap on the top right-corner of the lobby screen to open the friend list.

Step 2– Tap on the profile of the gamer who’ll be receiving the Diamonds.

Step 3– Open their profile.

Step 4– Copy their unique ID.

Step 5– Go to the top-up website and choose Free Fire.

Step 6– Pate the unique ID that was copied.

Step 7– Select the number of Diamonds that need to be purchased.

Step 8– Complete the purchase using the preferred payment option.

Step 9– Enter an email ID in case you require the transaction slip.

Step 10 – Confirm the transaction to proceed.

The amount will be debited from the concerned account and your friend will receive free Diamonds in Free Fire.

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