Sudip Sarkar: free fire id, stats, k\d ratio, monthly income August 2021


Here talk about the best player sudip sarkar free fire id, stats, k\d ratio and his monthly income. He is pro player in the garena free fire game.

When it comes to viewing and subscribers on YouTube, Free Fire has the largest community of broadcasters in the world. We will be looking at Sudip Sarkar’s free fire ID, stats, K / D rating, monthly benefits, and more in July 2021 in this post.

Sudip Sarkar is best known for his play, which he wrote on his YouTube channel. You have a huge following on YouTube, with an estimated 1.28 million followers at the time of writing.

Free Fire ID and Sudip Sarkar statistics

The free fire ID of Sudip Sarkar is ‘97653930 ’.

Life Statistics

Sudip Sarkar took part in 31868 team matches, winning 9978 of them. In this mode, it has a K / D rating of 5.49 and 120181 kills.

Of the 1446 pair centers, he has 221 Booyahs. In these games, he had 3988 relics with a K / D rating of 3.26.

Sudip Sarkar also played 1343 games alone, winning 116 of them. In this mode, you have 3323 kills with a K / D rating of 2.71.

Statistics set for Sudip Sarkar

In the current season, udip Sarkar has played 1073 squad games and won 211 of them. In these games, you have 3318 killers and a K / D average of 3.85.

He has won four of the 39 rated games he has played. In this mode, the content producer has found 117 kills with a K / D rating of 3.34.

Sudip Sarkar Free Fire ID also won one of its 17 stand-alone games. In those games, he killed 54 people and had a K / D rating of 3.38.

Sudip Sarkar YouTube channel and salaries

Sudip Sarkar launched his YouTube account in July 2019 and has already published 418 videos. His YouTube account has 1.28 million followers and his main channel has 67.38 million views.

Sudip Sarkar’s monthly earnings on YouTube, according to Social Blade, range from $ 615 to $ 9.8K. Currently, his annual salary is shown to range from $ 7.4K to $ 118.2K.

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