Summer Day 1 of the Free Fire Pro League 2021: Overall Standings, Highlights, and More


The first-ever Free Fire Pro League 2021 kicked off its group stages today. Over the course of six matches, Group A and B battled it out, with 4 Unknown coming out on top with 38 kills and 74 points.

S8UL finished second with 24 kills and 66 points despite not receiving a single Booyah. Captains, the winners of the FFCO Hyderabad Finals, came in third with 31 kills and 64 points, followed by Team Chaos.

4 Unknown

Total Gaming Esports, a fan favorite, had an ordinary day, finishing in 10th position with only 28 points.

The FFPL 2021 has a prize fund of 35 lakh dollars, and the top 18 teams (12 invited and 6 qualifying) are competing for 12 spots in the grand finals.

Day 1 standings for the free Fire City Pro League 2021:

Free Fire Pro League 2021

Life Hackers won the opening match, which was contested on the classic Bermuda map, with six eliminations. With five and six kills, S8UL and Team D-Esports took second and third place, respectively.

map results

With five frags, Last Breath won the second match on Purgatory, followed by Ankush Free Fire and Team Chaos.

The third match, which took place on the Kalahari desert map, was won by 4 Unknown with 12 frags, and Kunal Jr. was named MVP. GodLike was able to finish second with only one kill by playing passively.

GodLike won the fourth match with eight frags, with Shinu scooping up four kills on his own. S8UL finished in second place after displaying solid gameplay and securing four frags.

With 11 kills, 4 Unknown won the fifth match for the fifth time. Kunal Jr. scored four frags by playing aggressively. With four frags, Ankush Free Fire took second place.

Ankush Free Fire won the sixth and final match, which was again played on Kalahari, with six frags, followed by Team Chaos with five frags.

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