“That’s probably why I didn’t get the job,” says a former WWE Superstar of a bad encounter with Vince McMahon.


Peyton Royce and Billie Kay of the IIconics have both been released from WWE in recent months. They’re one of a handful of past champions released by the organization, with many people questioning why they were let go in the first place.

While it seems likely that Braun Strowman’s discharge was due to him being paid too much, Peyton Royce, now known as Cassie Lee, has explained why she believes she was fired from WWE.

Lee discussed a moment when she apologized to Vince McMahon after attempting to present some ideas for her WWE persona following the IIconics’ separation on her Off Her Chops podcast with Jessica McKay (previously Billie Kay in WWE).

“I decided to put on my big girl pants and spoke to Vince after you were drafted to Smackdown.” Lee stated. “I had something prepared to say, but he swiftly dismissed it, and I thought to myself, “Crap.” I had an idea I wanted to offer, and he wanted to talk about other possibilities – but I didn’t have any. This is what I wanted to discuss and devote my time and energy to. “What do you do for fun?” Vince inquires. I had to tell him that I enjoy to sit on the couch with my dogs and watch TV because I am an introvert and a homebody.” Lee stated.

As you can see, Royce wasn’t prepared to present Vince McMahon many ideas and ended up telling him that she preferred to sit on the couch with the dogs, which isn’t exactly an exciting gimmick for a WWE character.

“He just stared at me, and all I could think of was, “Make something up,” but I couldn’t come up with anything. I’m not a deceiver. He seemed to be able to look right through it. I basically told him, “I’m sorry, I’m boring,” and that “on my off days,” I prefer to be at home. I didn’t contribute much during that unfortunately and that’s probably why I lost the job.” added Lee.

After WWE, what’s next for Peyton Royce (Cassie Lee) and Billie Kay (Jessica McKay) of The IIconics?

After WWE, what’s next for Peyton Royce (Cassie Lee) and Billie Kay (Jessica McKay) of The IIconics?script async=”” src=”https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js” charset=”utf-8″>

The former IIconics have sought to trademark the phrase ‘The IInspiration’ for use on goods and services such as caps, bandanas, and sweaters, implying that they have selected a new identity for their tag team post-WWE.

The two had previously stated on the Busted Open podcast that they intend to stay together as a team, so it appears that a new wrestling promotion will be getting a highly good women’s tag team! Especially because WWE is said to be removing the 90-day no-compete provision for newly released Superstars.

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