The 5 finest Magic Cube Bundles to get in November 2021 in Free Fire


With the Free Fire Diwali celebrations, players are in for a treat, as the creators have a slew of exclusive gifts in store for fans. The Magic Cube is one of the most intriguing prizes available.

It is one of the most valuable commodities that allows players to obtain one of the in-game store’s bundles of their choice. On November 4, 2021, players will receive a free Magic Cube simply by logging in.

In addition, the creators have updated the Magic Cube store to include a larger assortment of exclusive items.

In Free Fire, take a look at these Magic Cube bundles.

5) Bundle of Venom Touch

Venom Touch Bundle was released in June 2019 (Image via Free Fire)

Diamond Royale received the Venom Touch in June 2019. The character’s green-themed attire gives him a scary image. Its attraction is enhanced by the effects on the hands and legs. Players who do not yet have the package can exchange it for a free Magic Cube. The following components are available:

Touch of Venom (Mask)

Touch of Venom (Top)

Touch of Venom (Bottom)

4) Hipster Bunny Bundle 4) Venom Touch (Shoes)

Hipster Bunny Bundle (Image via Free Fire)

This female bundle has always been on the list of players ever since its release in April 2020. The bundle comes with a blue and pink theme, with the illuminating shoes and shades only adding to its visual appeal. The parts of the bundle are:

  • Hipster Bunny (Head)
  • Hipster Bunny (Mask)
  • Hipster Bunny (Top)
  • Hipster Bunny (Bottom)
  • Hipster Bunny (Shoes)

3) Crazy Panda

Crazy Panda bundle has to be (Image via Free Fire)

Crazy Panda is without a doubt one of the game’s oldest packages, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. It was added to Diamond Royale in June 2018 and features a simple aesthetic. It must, however, be equipped all at once, unlike the other bundles on the list, which may deter some users.

Bandit Bundle is the second game in the Bandit Bundle series.

Bandit Bundle has four items (Image via Free Fire)

The Bandit Bundle is a popular cosmetic item in several popular Free Fire games, thus it will be on the list of items that players can obtain with the free Magic Cube. It was first released in April 2019, and its scarcity adds to the appeal of obtaining the exclusive package. The following items are included:

Bandit is a fictional character (Mask)

Bandit (Top)Bandit (Bottom)Bandit (Bottom)Band (Bottom)

1) Night Clown Bundle Bandit (Shoes)

Mask of this bundle has attracted the players (Image via Free Fire)

Clown-themed products have drawn the attention of Free Fire players, and the game has several such outfits. The Night Clown Bundle, which was founded in late 2018, is one of the oldest of these. This bundle is popular among players because of its beautiful head, which gives it a distinct appearance. This includes the following:

Clown of the Night (Head)

Clown of the Night (Top)

Clown of the Night (Pants)

Clown of the Night (Shoes)

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