The 5 most elusive treasures in GTA 5’s story mode


Apart from completing plot tasks and wreaking havoc in the free world, GTA games also include a number of collectibles.

Players can uncover a variety of artifacts strewn throughout the terrain in most Grand Theft Auto games. These can be anything from simple stunt sites to collectibles with varying rewards. For 100 percent completion, players are frequently asked to finish a collection.

While many gamers consider collecting these unique artifacts to be laborious and pointless, a few dedicated gamers are determined to do so. They might even enjoy it as a game challenge, which is why Rockstar Games has always incorporated trinkets in GTA games.

GTA 5 also contains a slew of new items that are significantly more interesting than those seen in prior installments. The following is a list of some of the most difficult ones to find in GTA 5’s story mode.

Five hard to find collectibles in GTA 5

1) Letter Scraps

After completing the Repossession objective in GTA 5, players can gather 50 letter scraps dispersed throughout San Andreas. Under the Checklist page, those with a Rockstar Games Social Club account can see the locations of all fifty scraps, including those they haven’t found yet.

The secret behind actress Leonora Johnson’s death is revealed after all fifty shreds are found, and Franklin’s objective, A Starlet in Vinewood, is unlocked.

2) Spaceship Parts

Players with a Rockstar Games Social Club account can also see the whereabouts of spacecraft pieces, just like the letter scraps. They are little, bright things that are commonly found hidden behind buildings, in gaps, on roofs, or underwater.

When players are close by, spaceship parts emit a slight buzzing sound. The parts become collectible after Franklin interacts with Omega during the adventure Far Out.

Franklin will unlock the mission The Final Frontier once all 50 components have been acquired. After completing this assignment, gamers will receive the unique Space Docker buggy.

3) Submarine Pieces

In a Strangers and Freaks task, the player is requested to find submarine fragments, which are the wreckage of a submarine. Abigail Mathers requests that Michael recover 30 submarine components strewn about the seas near San Andreas.

The fragments can be collected by any protagonist, but they must be returned to Abigail by Michael. The task What Lies Beneath begins automatically once all 30 pieces have been collected and returned.

The submarine components aren’t required for 100% completion of the game, and the reward for collecting them is a little underwhelming.

4) Hidden Packages

Hidden Packages are a type of collectible found in most GTA games. There are usually 100 such collectibles in each GTA game, except for GTA 5, where there are only 15.

Hidden Packages in GTA 5 are a bit different from previous games. There are 11 hidden packages in the game, scattered across the ocean, usually near shipwrecks.

They appear to be briefcases that, when gathered, provide players with a range of cash prizes ranging from $7,000 to $25,000 apiece. Most are deep enough to need the use of a Scuba Suit to access safely.

After finishing the Altruist Cult Shootout with Trevor, four hidden package briefcases can be found in the Altruist Camp. Each of these is worth $25,000.

5) Monkey Mosaics

Monkey Mosaics are a unique type of collectible exclusive to the enhanced edition of GTA 5. They are 8-bit mosaic wall art spread around the game world. Players can photograph all 50 mosaics to get rewarded with unique monkey outfits.

Returning players get access to the exclusive Monkey Mosaic random event, completing which makes the Go Go Monkey Blista available in their garages.Edited by Ravi Iyer

4) Hidden Packages

In most GTA games, Hidden Packages are a form of collectible. Each GTA game normally has 100 collectibles, with the exception of GTA 5, which has only 15.

GTA 5’s Hidden Packages are a little different than prior games. In the game, there are 11 hidden parcels strewn about the water, generally near shipwrecks.ic

Monkey Mosaics are a special type of treasure found only in GTA 5’s upgraded version. They’re 8-bit mosaic wall art that may be seen all across the game area. Photographing all 50 mosaics will reward players with one-of-a-kind monkey clothes.

Returning players gain access to the Monkey Mosaic random event, which when completed unlocks the Go Go Monkey Blista in their garages.

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