The 6 Finals of the Liga Brasileira de Free Fire (LBFF): Qualified Teams, Schedule, and More


The Liga Brasileira de Free Fire (LBFF 6) Grand Final will take place on Saturday, October 30, 2021. Twelve of Brazil’s best teams will compete for the championship title over nine matches at Estdios Quanta Studio in So Paulo, Brazil.

Stages of the League
B4 Esports won the eight-week league stage, which ended on October 18th, 2021. Then came SS Esports, who stunned everyone with their outstanding performance. Fluxo, a fan favorite, came in third, while LOUD, the FFWS runners-up, came in sixth.

Vivo Keyd, the LBFF 5 winner, had a dismal group stage performance, finishing seventh. TSM also had a poor season, failing to even qualify for the finals.

The top 10 teams from the league stages will receive headstart points in the finals depending on their league rankings. B4 Esports, the top-ranked squad, will receive 12 points, followed by SS Esports, who will receive nine points, and so on.

Teams in the Liga Brasileira de Free Fire (LBFF) 6 Finals

1. B4 Esports

2. SS Esports

3. Fluxo

4. Corinthians FF

5. Tropa


7. Nitroxx Top10

8. Netshoes Miners

9. Vivo Keyd

10. Team Coda Solid

11. Los Grandes

Details about the prize pool and live streaming
The prize fund for the tournament is 745,000 Brazilian Real (approximately $135K USD), with the winner receiving 105,000 Real and the runners-up receiving 85,000 Real. At 1:00 GMT, the finals will be broadcast live on the Free Fire Brasil YouTube channel/Booyah app (06:30 PM IST).

The LBFF finals will be a joyful and exciting event to watch for fans, while it will undoubtedly be a tough test of talent and tenacity for the players. The attention will undoubtedly be on the Nobru-led Fluxo and the defending champion Vivo Keyd to see how they handle the enormous pressure.

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