The code to unlock the locked chest in the Genshin Impact ‘They Who Hear the Sea’ quest has been revealed.


Genshin Impact has created various puzzles and tasks that are unique to the Golden Apple Archipelago.

Among the islands, there is a world quest named “They Who Hear the Sea.” Players should complete this quest since it rewards them with a number of free Primogems. The procedures to finishing the quest are outlined in this article, as well as the code required to access the quest’s reward chest.

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How to finish Genshin Impact’s “They Who Hear the Sea”

Echoing Conches have long been a prominent component of the Golden Apple Archipelago, with the Echoing Tales event focusing on them. Players can also find a special Echoing Conch to unlock the quest “They Who Hear the Sea.”

When the fifth and final conch in the “Songs of a Distant Home” series is discovered, it exposes the world quest. This conch may be found on Twinning Isle, west of the Teleport Waypoint, by Genshin Impact players.

Location of the Echoing

Location of the Echoing Conch that unlocks the “They Who Hear the Sea” quest (image via Genshin Impact Wiki)

Travelers are guided to a smaller island in Twinning Isle after discovering this conch and unlocking the quest. In the allotted location, they must locate and defeat a Hilichurl. Players can dig where the Hilichurl was excavating by interacting with the ground. A Luxurious Chest arises as a result of this.

The chest is then revealed to be locked, and Travelers will need a code to open it. The first four stories in Echoing Conches’ “Songs of a Distant Home” series provide clues to the code.

Locked Chest in the “They Who Hear the Sea” quest (image via Game Guides Channel)

Travelers can deduce the chest’s code is 5214 based on the numbers listed in these conches.

Unfortunately, the chest does not contain any exceptionally rare or unique things, as the Echoing Conches may have suggested. Regardless, the benefits are still substantial. Mora, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and a 4-star item may be found here.

More significantly, completing the task rewards players with 40 Primogems and 350 Adventure EXP.

In Genshin Impact, the Golden Apple Archipelago is a limited-time region. It’s unclear whether the region or this mission will ever reemerge. As a result, gamers should complete “They Who Hear the Sea” as soon as possible, before the archipelago departs around July 20th.

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