The data sharing issue with Chinese servers in Battlegrounds Mobile India has been resolved.


Battlegrounds Mobile India has received a modest update that has resolved the issue with the game exchanging data with China. According to reports, Battlegrounds Mobile India was transmitting data to servers in China, Hong Kong, the United States, and Moscow.

Since giving certain players early access to Battlegrounds Mobile India last week, the game has been scrutinized. That’s hardly unexpected, given that one of the main reasons PUBG Mobile was previously banned in India was because the game was sending Indian users’ data to Chinese servers. That ghost has returned to haunt Krafton once more, this time for Battlegrounds Mobile India.

According to reports, the game was sending and receiving data to and from Chinese servers. The same thing is happening with servers in Hong Kong, Moscow, and the United States, to be fair. According to reports, the game was booting up by pinging a Tencent server in Beijing. Last year, Krafton severed connections with Tencent, a Chinese corporation, in order to resurrect the game for Indian gamers. However, it appears like Krafton is not following through on this pledge. However, the firm has published a tiny updater to resolve the China server problem.

IGN India was the first to report that Battlegrounds Mobile India was hosting data on servers in China and other countries, and the game “will no longer share information with Chinese servers while you play the game,” according to IGN India. This problem has been resolved thanks to a tiny automatic update that is downloaded when you start the game. You’ll need to restart the game and log back in after you’ve updated it.

According to reports, the new upgrade blocks any data from Battlegrounds Mobile India from being sent to the Chinese server. IGN India used a packet sniffer while playing two Battlegrounds Mobile India games and discovered that the game was not informing “a single Chinese server” after the update. According to sources, the only time a Chinese server is ping is when app data is erased. It’s possible that this is due to the “account migration” feature, which allows previous PUBG Mobile users to transfer their in-app purchases to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Users’ personal information will be stored and processed on servers in India and Singapore, according to the Battlegrounds Mobile India privacy policy, although the game may transmit data to other countries “to operate the gaming service or to meet legal requirements.” Nonetheless, the recent version for Battlegrounds Mobile India has resolved the data-sharing issue with China.

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