The daughter of Twitch streamer “MikeyPerk” has gone missing.


MikeyPerk, a Twitch streamer from Ohio, has recently moved to Twitter to publicize the search for his missing daughter, Sarah.

Sarah and two older pals snuck out of their house on June 25th to attend a hotel party. The Twitch streamer’s daughter, on the other hand, did not return the next day, and her phone has been dead since she vanished.

MikeyPerk has been posting on Twitter and YouTube since his daughter went missing, and he created the #FINDSARAH hashtag to aid the local police in their search. There are currently no updates on the whereabouts of the Twitch streamer’s daughter, despite his best efforts.

MikeyPerk, a Twitch broadcaster, has a missing daughter, and he uses social media to help find her.

MikeyPerk was meant to broadcast his “birthday stream” on June 26th, 2021. His daughter, on the other hand, did not return from the hotel party, and her phone was dead. This was enough to make the father concerned, so he went to the cops:

MikeyPerk had apparently not been notified by Sarah about her plans. He tracked down her acquaintances, though, and discovered that she had snuck out of the house to attend a hotel party with two of her older friends (ages 20 and 21).

MikeyPerk was clearly concerned, and he shared an emotional video in which he expressed his hope for his daughter’s safety and thanked those who assisted him in his search.

MikeyPerk has 5.3k Twitch followers and broadcasts a variety of games such as Fortnite, Smite, and Overwatch.

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