The entire community is drooling over these Animal Crossing: New Horizons Joy-Cons.


A pair of Joy-Cons is owned by every Animal Crossing participant. These Joy-Cons may be personalized and come in a variety of colors, allowing players to pick their favorite. What could be better than owning a set of Animal Crossing-themed Joy-Cons to utilize while playing the popular life simulation game?

Many Animal Crossing fans have had their dreams come true thanks to Twitter user Citrus Anna, aka citruspair.

Anna has made Animal Crossing themed Joy-Cons available for users

Anna is recognized for her homemade modified console accessories and goes by the handle citruspair on Twitter and TikTok. Many Nintendo Switch players have recently fallen in love with their custom-made Joy-Cons.

They make a variety of lovely bespoke Joy-Cons mods that are both sweet and attractive. They’re most known for their peaches and cream Joy-Cons, which were a huge hit with fans.


Last year, Nintendo offered Animal Crossing-themed Joy-Cons with the Nintendo Switch, which were available in blue and mint green. Anna, on the other hand, chose to give the Joy-Cons a new color palette, turning them peach and cream.

To maintain the same look, they replaced the original shells with peach and cream ones and made the same changes to the D-Pad and buttons. In addition, they changed the LED strip within the controller. As a result, it now glows pink, in keeping with the new color scheme.

These consoles were also capable of changing color according to the color pallet of the game being played, which surprised Anna as well.

Nintendo’s original Joy-Con already had this feature, but it was surprising that a moded version of Joy-Con could do the same.

On Anna’s Etsy page, you may see more of her work.

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