The finish date for Season 42 of Free Fire Elite Pass has been revealed


Cosmetics are essential in Free Fire, and players will go to great lengths to collect as many as possible. They frequently use the Elite Pass as one of their primary means of obtaining them. In addition, several goods have become incredibly rare in the first few passes.

The Elite Pass is offered at the start of each month and is normally accessible until the conclusion of the month. As you move through it, you’ll receive themed gifts. Season 42 of the Free Fire Elite Pass began on November 1 and will run until November 30. It is based on the Inferno Rage theme.

Season 42 of the Free Fire Elite Pass has come to an end, and Season 43 has leaked.
Season 42 of the Free Fire Elite Pass, like the rest of the passes, will conclude on November 30th. Players can accomplish a variety of daily and weekly missions until then, earning badges and moving through the stages of the pass.

Users can purchase the Elite Pass or Elite Bundle (Image via Free Fire)

To obtain all of the benefits, players can purchase the Elite Pass for 499 diamonds or the Elite Bundle for 999 diamonds. It’s important to note that they can only get one of them, so people should be cautious in their choices.

Inferno Rage theme (Image via Free Fire)

The ‘Burning Horns Bundle’ is worth 50 badges, the ‘Beastly Wrath Skyboard’ is worth 100 badges, the ‘Beastly Wrath bag’ is worth 200 badges, and the ‘Flaring Beast Bundle’ is worth 225 badges.

Season 43 of Free Fire Elite Pass has been leaked.

There have already been leaks about the impending Free Fire Elite Pass Season 43. Here are a few examples:

Poker Monarch BladeGrenade Poker MonarchPoker Tyranny JacketPoker’s Tyranny T-ShirtJeweled Hearts Bundle

Dummy Monarch Loot BoxPoker Monarch BackpackCrowned Spades BundlePlasma Joker

In the video above, players may see a complete list of rewards. These are, however, leaks, and gamers will have to wait to see if these things make it into the game.

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