The following are five reasons why Romelu Lukaku will struggle at Chelsea.


This season, football fans have witnessed a slew of record-breaking and startling transfers. The latter surely applies to Romelu Lukaku’s recent move to Chelsea.

Lukaku chose to leave Inter Milan and rejoin his former club, Chelsea, despite having two scintillating, goal-filled seasons capped by the Scudetto. Fans of the Nerazzurri are angry that their top striker has left, and reports linking Lautaro Martinez to Tottenham Hotspur have just added to their dissatisfaction.

Romelu Lukaku, on the other hand, will not be able to simply stroll into Stamford Bridge and flourish as he did at Inter Milan. Despite his previous familiarity with the Londoners and in the Premier League, Lukaku will have to go through a few rituals before the fans start screaming his name.

Because of the high price tag, the club and the fans are under a lot of strain and have a lot of expectations. Furthermore, because of the high-profile signing, the former Inter Milan attacker will be continually scrutinized by the media.

On that subject, take a look at the following:

The following are five reasons why Romelu Lukaku will struggle at Chelsea.

#5 Competition within the squad

Lukaku faces massive competition from the club's young guns
Lukaku faces massive competition from the club’s young guns

Romelu Lukaku has joined a side with a lot of depth in its squad. Especially when it comes to alternatives for attack. That wasn’t the situation at Inter Milan, where Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez had a duopoly.

Christian Pulisic, Timo Werner, Kai Havertz, Mason Mount, and Hakim Ziyech are just a few of the players that continue to pose a threat to Lukaku. Because the majority of these players are in their early twenties, they have an advantage over the Belgian, who is in his late thirties.

#4 Tougher league

Lukaku left Manchester United on a bitter note
Lukaku left Manchester United on a bitter note

In the Premier League, foreigners frequently struggle with their form. Differences in football culture, courtesy. Football in England is frequently fast-paced and physically demanding. Any novice will be weary and bewildered on the pitch due to the box-to-box and quick style of play.

Even though Lukaku has played in the Premier League before, he hasn’t had the same impact in the Premier League as he did in Serie A in just two seasons. With the exception of Everton, the Belgian number 9 has had a disappointing Premier League career.

His comeback puts him under a lot of strain, as a lot has changed in England’s top division in the last few years. Will Lukaku be able to improve on his current form or will he die?

#3 New team, manager and tactics

Fans are keen to know how would Lukaku fit in Thomas Tuchel's plans
Fans are keen to know how would Lukaku fit in Thomas Tuchel’s plans

As previously stated, Romelu Lukaku’s task would be more difficult than it was in Italy. Lukaku has a lot to prove, and he’ll likely have to establish himself in the squad first.

The former Everton player will have to make a lot of adjustments, which could include a new playing style or role.

Furthermore, rumors said that Antonio Conte’s departure was the catalyst for Lukaku’s exit from San Siro. That is to say, the striker didn’t feel at ease playing alongside anyone other than Conte. He is now under the direction of Thomas Tuchel, who is tasked with assembling the ideal starting lineup.

We still don’t know if and where Lukaku ranks in Tuchel’s priority hierarchy, despite the Premier League having started earlier this week.

#2 Immense pressure

Lukaku is yet to score a goal with Chelsea
Lukaku is yet to score a goal with Chelsea

After almost a decade away, Romelu Lukaku has returned to Chelsea. While he departed as a young talent who spent a lot of time on the bench, he returns as one of the best strikers in the world.

If he wasn’t exceptional, Chelsea would not have paid a club record sum of about £97.5 million. Naturally, such a large price tag entails a significant deal of responsibility and expectation.

You name it: fans, teammates, the coach, the media, etc. Lukaku will undoubtedly be in the spotlight, whether for good or bad reasons. To add to the already stated circumstances, the Belgian’s last time at Chelsea ended with him scoring zero goals and his painful exit from Manchester United adds to the pressure on the Belgian, who will be forced to establish himself.

#1 He is likely to take time to settle down

Due to his price tag, Romelu Lukaku is expected to be a regular goal scorer
Due to his price tag, Romelu Lukaku is expected to be a regular goal scorer

Let’s face it: the brutal reality of football does not enable players to settle down at their leisure. They are supposed to deliver fast!

The same is true when a player’s name is associated with a high price tag and a strong reputation, as is the case with Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea’s man of the moment.

Lukaku’s transition at Chelsea is expected to be hampered by his £97.5 million price tag, competition from youngsters, return to the Premier League after a brief sabbatical, and other factors. A few terrible games would jeopardize his status in Tuchel’s good graces, as well as his popularity among fans.

However, interest in the Belgian’s form and future at Stamford Bridge continues to increase. He will face a difficult task if he is to succeed.

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