The following are the top six Free Fire tips for surviving end zone brawls (November 2021)


It’s aggravating to die in the end zone after surviving an entire Free Fire round. Regrettably, this is the norm in the majority of games. Despite their best efforts, players are frequently eliminated at the end of the game.

Nonetheless, there are steps that can be taken to avoid this. Even if things don’t always go as planned, players can improve their odds of survival by following a few guidelines.

Follow these easy guidelines to become a Free Fire survival expert. 6) Make an effort to secure defendable locations.

5) Move from cover to cover

Players should always move from cover to cover when searching for supplies or scouting. It’s not a smart idea to stay out in the open. If no hardcover is available, gloo walls can be employed to provide interim protection.

4) Try to gain the high ground

End-zone brawls in Free Fire can be a shambles. When bullets are flying everywhere and players are dying like flies, hiding can be the greatest choice. Players will be safe and secure even if they do not earn any points.

2) Look for the enemy and keep an eye on them.

In Free Fire, knowing where the enemy is positioned is crucial. Players can adjust their strategy and act based on their current location. If the opponent gets close enough, a surprise attack can be made to eliminate them quickly.

1) Only rush opponents if you don’t have any other choice.

Victory is within reach once you enter the end zone. Aggressive opponents, on the other hand, can cut it short. Players should run out and meet the adversary head-on in this life-or-death crisis.

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